Do You Need Shipping Impact Indication Devices?

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If a significant portion of your products and packages leave your facility broken, damaged, or flattened, it may be due to mishandling. In this case, you want to protect your goods with shipping impact indication devices. The devices alert or warn workers to practice caution whenever they mishandle your packages before and during shipping. Learn more about shipping impact indication devices and how you can acquire them below.

What Are Shipping Impact Indication Devices?

You may take every precaution necessary to prepare your products for shipment each day. You may even use the right containers and packaging materials for your products. However, your workers can mishandle your packages before they leave your facility. If you don't have the right shipping impact indication devices on your packages, you may not even know your workers mishandled your goods until it's too late.  

Shipping impact indication devices are special labels and other products designed to alert or warn workers to handle your packages with care during the shipping process. Impact indication labels come in colors that stand out on your packages, such as bright blue, green, and yellow. The labels change colors to indicate whether or not your packages experienced any problems at your facility.

Some labels also come with embedded microchips that record how much pressure your packages receive on them during shipping. The chips will activate, or become active, whenever something or someone places too much pressure or stress on your packages. 

There may be other types of shipping impact indication devices available to you as well, including reusable devices that look like large watches and devices shaped like thin plastic tubes. You can find the impact devices you need by consulting a supplier today. 

What Type of Devices Do You Need?

A supplier can go over your packages and products to see which impact devices work best for them. The devices you choose should be able to detect changes in your packages during every stage of the shipping process. 

Your devices should also come in sizes that fit each type of package you use in your facility. For example, if you only use small boxes or containers to ship your products, you may want to order small labels for your needs. You can use tubes or watch-like devices for your largest packages. 

If you wish to learn more about shipping impact indication devices and how to obtain them for your facility, contact a supplier.