A Color-Coded System to Use With Palletized Products

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Color-coded cones can become an asset to the manner in which you prepare products that are going to be shipped. 'Do not stack' print and a recessed design that contains cutouts will allow you to clearly label palletized products that are varying weights.

A Color-Coded System

A color-coded system will prevent pallets from being stacked in staging areas, on racking systems, or on docks. Do not stack cones come in several colors. Organizing a color-coded chart can be the first step in using a more targeted approach when preparing shipments or overstock that will be stored within your facility. Dark cone colors can be representative of heavy palletized products that are fragile and lighter cone colors can be reserved for lighter weight items that are not as fragile.

The color-coded chart should be used alongside a scale. This will allow a shipping employee or stocker to weigh individual items that are going to be palletized. Upon counting up all the items, they can calculate the total weight. Once finished, they can select a cone that corresponds to the shipment weight and fragility level and affix it to the top of each pallet.

A Rope, String, and Pallet Anchoring Method

Sometimes, rope or string may need to be used to secure paper around palletized items. Pieces of rope and string can also be used to anchor signage that will be suspended off the sides of palletized items. For example, if palletized items are going to be stored on a warehouse floor, there may be concern that a forklift driver will place pallets on top of one another. The addition of a color-coded cone and hanging signs will provide double protection from pallets accidentally being stacked.

Do not stack cones may contain circle or square-shaped cutouts. These cutouts will be strategically placed across from one another and will allow an end-user to thread pieces of rope or string through them. The holes can also be used to anchor cones that do not contain an adhesive underside. Before the purchase of a cone set, measurements of the cordage should be taken.

The girth of a piece of rope or string will determine the cutout size that needs to be on a cone product. Some colored cones may contain varying cutout sizes. This will support the use of various types of cordage. All of the materials that are going to be used for color coding and pallet classification purposes should be stored in a central area that employees can easily access.

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