Top Questions You'll Probably Need To Answer When Hiring A Freight Shipping Company

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If you don't have the ability to transport your own products, then you're probably going to need to hire a freight company. This might be required if you don't have your own trucks and trailers, for example. If you call a freight shipping company, they should help you with making arrangements to have your products shipped. When you call them, you're probably going to need to answer the following questions, so be prepared for this.

What Types of Products Are You Shipping?

First of all, you will probably be asked about the types of products that you're going to be shipping. If you're going to be shipping hazardous, overly heavy, or perishable products that need to be refrigerated, for example, you will need to provide this information when you call a freight shipping company.

What Are the Dimensions of Your Packages?

Typically, you will be asked about the dimensions and weight of your packages. This gives the freight shipping company a better idea of what equipment is needed for loading, transporting, and unloading your products. It will also help them determine if they have the ability to transport your products at all.

Will You Be Shipping an Entire Load?

If you are going to be shipping an entire load, let someone from the freight shipping company know. If you are hoping to ship a partial load, then you should ask about whether or not it's possible for you to split a truck with another company, since this is sometimes a good way to save money on shipping.

Where Will the Freight Be Picked Up From?

Of course, you will need to provide the address of your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or other location where your freight needs to be picked up from. Provide more information about where the loading dock is so that the driver will know where to go when picking up your shipment.

Where Does the Freight Need to Be Delivered?

Lastly, you should provide information about where your freight needs to be delivered so that proper planning is done and so that you can get an accurate quote for using the freight shipping service. If multiple stops will need to be made, make sure that you mention this as well.

It's best to be prepared to answer all of these questions when you hire a freight shipping company. If you are prepared to answer their questions when you call, then you can get a more accurate quote for their freight shipping services. You can also make sure that there are no unexpected surprises on either side.