Custom Aerospace Packaging Options

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Aviation products that contain chrome materials or intricate design work and electrical components will require packaging that is protective and reflective of your brand. If materials are shipped worldwide and you have encountered some issues with the manner in which previous orders arrived at their destinations, seek a new packaging process that is customized to your line of product needs.

Crating For Heavy Items

Crating includes standard wooden crates and collapsible containers. Packaging that is used to ship aerospace products that are large and heavy will require the use of a product that is thick and that can withstand the elements. If you choose wooden crating, think about how products will be intercepted and used.

For instance, if you have a large product that is going to require assembly after it arrives, you may want to get a diagram with a crate's design. A diagram that lists the components that are within a box and that clearly labels them with numbers or letters will make it easier for an end-user to identify pieces and connect them in the proper fashion.

If you are trying to promote an environmentally responsible shipping process, consider collapsible crates. Crates like these will maintain their strength while they are being transported, but can easily be broken down by a recipient. This will allow a consumer to conveniently recycle stacked wood, or it may encourage them to use the materials for an alternate application.

Protective Packaging Solutions

Delicate materials that have a polished surface or that contain components that should not be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight may require inserts and cushioned packing materials. Desiccants, cardboard inserts that contain cutouts, foam liners, and cushioned sleeves are some items that can be added to a carton's design and will protect fragile materials while they are in transit.

With the use of any of these aerospace packaging products, consider having your brand name or logo printed on them, or choose a unique color combination that will make the inside of a box look just as attractive as the outside of one. When consumers receive shipments that contain a distinct appearance, they will automatically recognize your brand.

When considering what type of protective packaging solutions to utilize, contact a packaging supplier and request samples of some of the insert materials that they offer. Feeling the quality of a material or viewing a paper or foam product can help you choose specific materials that you will use for the shipment of goods. 

To learn more, contact an industrial packaging company.