Moving Your Office? 3 Reasons To Use A Professional Moving Service

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Many business owners consider relocating their corporate headquarters to make space for growth or to attract new clients in a different part of town. While it is entirely possible to relocate your entire office on your own, the process could be significantly easier if you work with a professional team of movers. Here are three reasons you should think about working with a professional moving service to relocate your office, and why you might not do it any differently down the road.

1. Reduce Labor Costs

While employees can be very easy to work with, you will be paying their hourly salary if they help you to move, which can eat through profits quickly, especially if your workers are paid well. On the other hand, many moving services offer low fixed rates, which makes it easy to save labor and budget for the move. 

Additionally, if you ask your employees to help and anyone becomes injured, you may also face additional expenses tied to medical bills, insurance claims, and worker's compensation lawsuits. To avoid all of these added expenses, err on the side of caution and work with professionals. 

2. Plan Your Timeline More Efficiently

In business, time directly impacts profits. If your business can't operate for a time because you are in the midst of a move, it might impact how much you can bring in, which can be detrimental to your quarter. However, when you work with movers, you can plan out the timeline very carefully, which could make it easier to turn a profit. 

Talk with your moving team about how long the project will take, what to expect when it comes to the timeline, and which kinds of obstacles could get in your way when it comes to completing the task. 

3. Use Freight for Heavy Equipment

If you have heavy equipment such as copiers, industrial manufacturing equipment, or even heavy pieces of furniture like conference tables, you can work with your moving company to ship those items via freight. Freight providers specialize in delivering items that are heavy or bulky, which can help you to prevent injury and protect the items you are transporting. 

Anytime you are thinking about working with a moving service, it is important to carefully calculate exactly what the project would cost and how much time it would take. Sit down with the moving company to discuss all of the details regarding your move so you can anticipate any problems with the process.