How To Properly Start Shipping Food From Your Business To Customers While Preventing Spoilage

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Do you plan on shipping food products to your customers? If you have recently added shipping options for customers who are unable to make it into the store but would like to buy some of the different baked goods and treats that you sell from your business, you need to know how to ship these foods properly to avoid compromising the quality of those items. After all, you want your customers to receive the treats and then love the way that those treats taste. You do not want to have something delivered that is growing mold or going bad in other ways because that could cause health concerns while frustrating customers enough for them to request refunds.

Store Food in Airtight Plastic Containers

You need to keep the food stored in a container with a lid that stays shut throughout the shipping process. If the lid opens and a lot of air gets on the food, it could quickly start to spoil, and that would turn into a loss of profit for you. Because you want to avoid having such difficulties, you should purchase airtight plastic containers in bulk and use them for shipping purposes. You are going to need to get containers in all different sizes based on the size of the different treats you are sending out to your customers.

Include Silica Gel in the Packaging

Silica gel is a product you can find in many different food packages. The silica gel packets work to absorb any moisture inside the packaging. It is good to have the moisture absorbed because too much moisture can quickly lead to mildew and mold growing on the food. You can buy bulk silica gel and add one packet to each of the airtight plastic containers you are using when shipping out assorted treats. It should help to preserve the freshness of the food you are selling for an even longer period while the food is in transit.

If you are going to start shipping out the baked goods and assorted treats that your business sells, you need to make sure you are shipping these items out the right way to preserve the condition of the food until it gets to the customer. If you do not take the proper measures when shipping the food out to a customer's home, it could end up having mold on it by the time it is delivered and that is not a problem you are going to want to experience. Play it safe and use the right airtight containers with silica gel to absorb moisture.