Packaging Tips For Subscription Boxes

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Custom subscription boxes are all the rage right now. Not only do they provide key values for your customers, they also provide an ongoing source of income for you. This makes them a win for everyone. One of the keys to a successful subscription box is the packaging. You need something that is easy to open but still keeps the products safe. The following guide can help you design the custom packaging that is right for your subscriptions.

Tip #1: Size the package to the product

It can be frustrating to recepients to receive over-packaged goods. If your service sends out a single clothing item or a couple of prints each month, there is no need to go for a large mailer box. Opting for a padded bubble mailer or stiff picture mailer is a much better choice, plus it saves on packaging and shipping costs. On the other hand, services that send several items of various sizes should use a box large enough to hold these items plus padding so that nothing becomes broken.

Tip #2: Stay true to your values

Packaging also must reflect the values of your company and of your customer base. If your subscription revolves around environmental concerns or appeals to nature lovers, like hikers, chances are you should make sure to choose recycled packaging with as little plastic padding as possible as a reflection of the green ethos you and your customers support. If part of your box's theme is "made in America," then you don't want packaging that is made elsewhere.

Tip #3: Brand the boxes

Not just any stock box will do. You want your box branded so your customers know exactly what it is when they see it delivered. This fosters both brand awareness and customer product excitement. Order boxes or mailers in a custom color with your subscription name or logo printed boldly on them. Or, opt for an odd-sized box that stands out. For example, use mailing tubes instead of rectangular boxes. If a custom box isn't an option, then at a miminum use custom labels on standard boxes.

Tip #4: Stick with easy-open designs

Envelopes and mailers are easy to open with scissors, but you can make them even easier if you choose a design with a pull tab. As for boxes, choose something that can be opened easily and also used for temporary storage of the shipped items when necessary. A folder top box is a good option. The recipient simply needs to cut through one piece of tape, and then they can open the lid to reveal all of their new goodies. Another easy open option that is a bit more unique is a slider box. This consists of an open top box that slides into a sleeve, much like a drawer. Recipients can pull out the inner box to reveal their new items.

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