Six Reasons Your Clothing Boutique Needs Same-Day Delivery

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If you own a small, urban clothing boutique, you may be struggling with your online presence or have limited delivery options for customers. However, in the world of fashion, it can pay to be on the cutting edge of service and technology. Here's why you need to up your game by offering not only ecommerce but same-day delivery as well.

Big City Location

Is your business located in a large metropolitan area? If so, you may be expected to offer same-day delivery and online merchandise because it's so common in big cities today, for everything from books to fruit baskets.

The good news is there are plenty of delivery providers in most cities for you to choose from. You don't even need to choose a delivery service yourself. You could utilize a fulfillment center that acts as an intermediary, selecting the best carrier for your delivery destinations and budget.

Large cities typically have pockets of extremely high income, where customers can afford the extra cost of same day service, whether for their own items or for gifts. They also have a wealth of events for which customers might want last-minute clothing, like

  • black tie functions (weddings, charity fundraisers, etc.)
  • student gatherings at colleges and universities
  • government events
  • dance, music, and theatre performances
  • job interviews
  • media appearances

Demand from Millennials

The Millennial Generation has grown up getting things much more quickly than their ancestors, thanks to the advent of the Internet. They now come to expect tangible goods just as quickly as they can download a film or video chat across the globe. A recent survey shows that more than half of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 consider same-day delivery when shopping a must. In fact, in another survey, 61 percent of all consumers said they were willing to pay more for same-day delivery, even when free delivery over a longer time period was an option.

Elimination of Customer Indecisiveness

Have you ever ordered something online and then cancelled your order a day or two later? Guess what--your customers may wind up doing that as well. But if you offer same-day delivery, you're giving buyers less to time to waffle and more time to love your clothing, once they see it live and in person.

Industry Competition

The fashion business is highly competitive, as you probably well know. A quick look around the Internet reveals that many major department stores and clothing chains offer same-day shipping in select areas, usually major cities. You can stay abreast of the competition and even outdo other smaller businesses by offering the same elite service as the big guys.

Customer-centric Image

How do you want your customers to think of your boutique? Chances are, you want them to consider it consumer oriented and customer focused, right? By offering same-day delivery, you are showing that you are responding to the demand of consumers rather than simply what is convenient for you.

The Bottom Line

All of the above add up to one thing for your clothing boutique: profit. In addition to boosting sales to people who need last-minute purchases, same-day delivery can increase revenues because you can charge a premium price for it, over and above what you need to reimburse your delivery service. When you look at these factors, same-day delivery seems like it should be your boutique's next new goal.