Tips To Reduce Or Avoid 3 Extra Fees On Your Moving Estimate

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The cost of a move can increase unexpectedly due to additional charges, so it helps to inquire what charges may be included in your final estimate when hiring a moving company. Most such additional charges apply depending on the circumstances surrounding your move, so you may be able to avoid some if you are aware of them beforehand. Accordingly, here are tips on how to reduce or avoid 3 additional charges that may apply to your move. 

Long-carry charge

Long-carry charges may apply if the mover has to carry your belongings over a long distance from the truck to your residence. You can ask a realtor apartment manager at your new residence to give you this distance so you can make it known to movers when they come for their initial interview.

This way, you can compare what different movers charge for the long carry and settle for the one with the best deal. To bring this charge further down, try to negotiate with your mover by offering to assist with the move in lien for this extra charge. 

Storage in transit

If your belongings have to be stored in a warehouse before being delivered to your home, you may have an extra storage in transit fee built in into the final cost of the move. Before hiring a moving company, try to estimate exactly when your new home will be ready for occupation so you can compare what different movers will charge for storage in transit for that exact period.

Having an accurate timeframe can save you money, as asking for an extension on storage after the final estimate is made will often incur additional charges or even necessitate that you purchase storage extension insurance over and above the moving insurance you've already purchased. If you can't come up with a definitive storage timeframe, provide your mover with a longer coverage period than you anticipate so as to save on extra storage and insurance fees. 

Expedited service

This is a fee that movers charge if you want a guaranteed date of delivery. By packing your essentials and taking them to your residence before the movers can complete the move, you can survive for long enough to allow the movers to deliver on their own timeframe, thus avoiding this charge. 

The above tips can help you keep these 3 extra charges out of your moving bill, allowing your moving budget to stay low. Talk to a company like Movers 201 Inc to learn more.