3 Tips On Safety In Fleet Jobs

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If you run a shipping fleet and want to be sure that your employees are always safe, bear in mind that this information always needs to come from the very top. By issuing some concrete safety tips, your drivers and handlers will all be well-informed when taking part in the fleet jobs. With this in mind, you need to be sure that you take advantage of these points of information so that you can pass them along to your employees and create a culture of safety and accountability. 

#1: Check Blind Spots And Be Aware Of The Wide Right Turn

One of the most potentially dangerous maneuvers to make in the midst of a shipping run is the wide right turn. The reason for this is that big trucks often need to swing wide left in order to properly measure and account for the right turn. However, when doing this maneuver, you run the risk of getting into an accident if the driver of a smaller vehicle happens to drive into your blind spot. To counteract this, you should make sure that all your truck drivers have side and rear view mirrors that are large enough to extend into this blind spot, blinkers and signage on the truck that warn drivers of this potential blind spot. They should also always be cautious and ease into these turns. 

#2: Enforce A Strict Anti-Speeding Policy And Instill A Culture Of Safe Driving

In recent years, more than 9,000 people died in a car crash, with speed as the main result. One way you can discourage drivers from speeding is to put things into perspective using math. Many people, especially when trying to make shipments, attempt to speed so that they make good time. However, the difference in time between a variety of speeds is not all that great. For instance, when considering a 30 mile trip, it would take you about 33 minutes to get there driving 55 miles per hour, about 28 minutes if you drive 65 miles per hour and 24 minutes when driving 75 miles per hour. So when all factors are considered, you are really not saving that much time when speeding, especially when increasing speed also increases risk of accident.

#3: Take Care Of Your Warehouse With Some Safety Tips

While drivers must remain safe, you should also be mindful to empower your facility and warehouse workers with some safety tips as well. Make sure that they are trained and always have continued education opportunities that refresh that knowledge. Hold everyone accountable for safety and keep signage posted that clearly explains safety measures. 

Follow these three tips so that you are instilling a sense of safety in your entire fleet. Click here for more information about fleet jobs.