Sharing The Love: Shipping Home-Baked Gifts To Loved Ones Far Away

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If you have been thinking of sending a special gift to someone far away, nothing is more thoughtful than gifts from your very own kitchen. Some may worry about shipping baked goods in the mail or courier service, due to their fragility and the need to get them to their destination quickly. Try some of the following suggestions to ensure your baked treats and culinary treats end up in the hands of your loved one promptly, and in good condition.

Tips include:

Helpful hints.

It starts by knowing what kind of treats travel and ship the best, and usually this includes sturdy, fresh-baked treats. Goods like gingerbread, brownies, fudge, drop cookies, and nut mixes work well; avoid delicate pastries and nothing too moist and dense. Save plastic containers whenever possible to recycle as containers for your baked treats when giving them to others.

Packing tips.

Always be sure that your treats are completely cooled before wrapping or packing them to ship. Wrap individual treats in plastic and use stickers for flair, as well as to make them air-tight. Pack wrapped treats in containers to preserve freshness, such as holiday tins or hard-sided gift boxes, which will help to avoid crushing during shipping. Fill in gaps with wads of wax paper, newspaper, or recycled gift-wrap to avoid shifting during shipping; place this container in a larger sized shipping box, and fill in gaps with paper or bubble-wrap for added protection.

Insurance suggestions.

Obtaining insurance is not very expensive, and ensures your package will receive special handling during shipping. Priority mail service includes $50 of coverage for lost or damaged parcels. Go ahead and pack a few non-edible treats, too, such as culinary tools, small gifts, or trinkets, so all is not lost in case something happens to your sweets along the way.

Shipping services.

When you take the time and make the effort to give such heartfelt gifts, it only makes sense to opt for priority shipping, which usually takes 1-3 days to reach domestic destinations. This type of postal service comes with delivery confirmation to ensure your recipient received the package. Don't try to mail baked goods out of the country, as there could be customs restrictions on edible items in addition to the time lapse in delivery. For more information, check out companies like Port Aransas Business Center.

Giving home-baked treats is a great way to show someone that you care about them, and is always a welcome gift to receive. Try these tips to ensure that your baked goods make it to your recipient promptly and in tasty condition!